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Tell the FDA to Reject More Aspartame in Milk!

Right now, in the midst of a major childhood obesity epidemic, the giant dairy lobby is trying to force the federal government to redefine “milk” to include artificial sweeteners such as aspartame in children’s school lunches without proper labels. So instead of chocolate or strawberry milk with sugar, high fructose corn syrup or some natural sweetener, Big Dairy now wants to replace that with aspartame in our children’s milk and pretend it’s a healthy choice for you and America’s children and keep this all a secret by not requiring proper labels!

Aspartame has a long clouded history, with fraudulent science submitted during the original FDA approval process, links to mood alterations including anxiety, agitation, depression, headaches, insomnia, and memory, learning problems and seizures and brain tumors. And not surprising, the company that created by aspartame was bought by Monsanto in the 1985. In 1999, Monsanto admitted to using genetic engineering of bacteria to create aspartame, which is now used widely as an artificial sweetener in diet soft drinks, chewing gum and diet foods as a sugar substitute.

Tell the FDA not to cave to Big Dairy - Keep improperly labeled Aspartame out of our milk!

A copy of your letter of support will be delivered to the Food and Drug Administration.

Docket # FDA-2009-P-0147

Dear Commissioner Hamburg,

I strongly encourage you to reject the dairy industry's recent petition to alter the legal identity of milk to include improperly labeled artificial sweeteners. In an age of widespread childhood obesity, our nation's food producers should not be looking to create false standards that intentionally mislead consumers about the contents of their food. By intentionally seeking to misrepresent the contents in our nation's dairy products, the leading dairy front groups, the IDFA and NMPF, will only undermine consumer confidence in our food supply and harm the livelihoods of America's farmers.

I'm greatly concerned that the number of products listed in the IDFA and NMPF's FDA petition will only lead to further confusion in the marketplace, rather than solve the obesity epidemic as they so conveniently claim.

Please reject the dairy industry’s petition and work to find real solutions to the current obesity epidemic. America's consumers should not be subjected to cheap marketing gimmicks that narrowly benefit corporations over an open and transparent food supply that properly identifies the contents of our food and that which we feed our children.

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