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Tell the Senate to Label GMOs, support organics

This week the Senate is hammering out the final details to one of the single most important pieces of legislation that determines what Americans, and many people around the world, eat on a daily basis. Congress only passes a Farm Bill every 5 years and we need your help. Over the next 10 years, the 2012 Farm Bill is expected to cost the American taxpayer more than $1 trillion dollars. Unfortunately agribusiness lobbyists have larded the bill with pork barrel spending and endless loopholes.

But there are a number of urgent amendments that Food Democracy Now! and our allies support to create a healthy sustainable food future. Today Senator Bernie Sanders put forward an amendment to label genetically engineered foods and he needs your support! At the same time, join us in supporting fair crop insurance for organic farmers and guaranteeing seed diversity for generations to come!

Today, there’s a floor fight in the U.S. Senate to decide who benefits this time around: You or corporate lobbyists?

A copy of your letter of support will be delivered to your Senators:

Dear Senator,

As Congress considers the new Farm Bill, I urge you to stand up for policies that protect family farmers and our environment. It's vital that as Congress rewrites Farm Bill programs that they support transparency, fair crop insurance and increased seed diversity.

I urge you to support the Sanders-Boxer amendment to label genetically engineered food because Americans have a basic right to know what's in their food and how it's produced. Already nearly 50 countries recognize their citizens' basic right to label genetically engineered foods in order to give them vital information about the food they are eating.

I urge you to support the Merkley Organic Crop Insurance Amendment to make sure that organic farmers, America's fastest growing agricultural sector, receives fair premiums and payments when their crops fail. I urge you to support the Tester Crop Diversity Amendment to maintain access to the best varieties of seeds for farmers and future generations.

Each of these amendments is vital to creating a fair, open and transparent food system to create jobs and a healthy, sustainable American future.


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