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Stop Monsanto’s secret plan to Kill GMO labeling

Right now Monsanto and giant food companies are scheming behind the scenes to introduce a bill in Congress that would kill mandatory state GMO labeling efforts and replace it with a gutted version of a bill to preempt states' rights and give the illusion of serious regulation.

This plan is so devious that it radically speeds up the approval process for new GMO crops, limits the FDA and USDA’s ability to extend premarket safety reviews, declares GMO foods “safe” and redefines genetically engineered foods as “bioengineered” in order to sanitize this deeply flawed technology to the American public.

Even worse, the proposed bill only requires a federal GMO “label on any products” from GMO plants “if those ingredients present a health or safety risk” - something the U.S. government has refused to admit for more than 20 years! Think they’re going to start telling the truth about GMOs now?

This is a blatant power grab to deny Americans their basic right to mandatory GMO labeling and protect flawed GMO products - and we can’t allow them to get away with it. We need your help today. Every voice counts!

Your member of Congress and the FDA will receive a copy of your letter. Please join us today!

Dear Members of Congress and FDA Commissioner,

I am writing because I support strong mandatory labeling of genetically engineered foods and I have just learned of a new plan by biotech seed and chemical companies and giant food corporations to introduce a piece of legislation that would not only undermine states' rights to pass GMO labeling laws, but would only require "voluntary" labeling on "any products” from GMO plants “if those ingredients present a health or safety risk.” For the past 20 years the U.S. government has continued to deny any risk from genetic engineering, despite increasing scientific evidence that this flawed technology is potentially harmful to human health and the environment.

Already, 64 other countries around the world inform their citizens if their food has been genetically engineered in a laboratory with simple labels, and it's time that we share that basic right.

America must join the rest of the civilized world and pass a strong mandatory labeling bill that is in line with European standards to protect America's right to know what's in their food and inform consumers if our food has been genetically engineered.

Thank you for your consideration,

[Your Name]

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