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New Study Shows GMO Soy Accumulates Cancer Causing Chemical Formaldehyde

Breaking Bombshell: Right now Congress is getting ready to cut a deal with Monsanto to try to kill GMO labeling and common sense regulations on new GMO foods. Incredibly, at the same time, a groundbreaking new study released this week reveals that genetic engineering significantly disrupts basic cellular functions in GMO plants at an alarming level.

In the first of its kind systems biology approach, scientists at the International Center for Integrative Systems analyzed more than 6,837 lab experiments to discover an alarming accumulation of formaldehyde, a known carcinogen, and a dramatic depletion of glutathione, a key antioxidant necessary for proper detoxification of cells and maintain a healthy immune systems in plants, animals and humans.

These findings shatter the myth that GMOs are “substantially equivalent” to traditionally bred non-GMO crops and show for the first time that significant damage is done at the cellular level to foods that have been genetically engineered through the process of transgenic insertion of foreign genes. These results mandate an immediate ban on new GMO crops and a serious evaluation of current scientific safety standards relating to GMO food.

Help end Monsanto’s corruption of science, democracy and our food supply! Every voice counts!

A copy of your letter of support will be delivered to President Obama, your Members of Congress and the FDA:

Dear President Obama, members of Congress and the FDA,

As your constituent, I'm calling on you to institute an immediate ban on the approval of new genetically engineered foods based on the new peer reviewed studies from the International Center for Integrative Systems that show significant disruption of basic cellular functions of genetically engineered crops and shatters the current FDA regulatory framework of "substantial equivalence" of GMOs and non-GMO foods.

Unfortunately, for the past 20 years, the biotech industry has been allowed to rig the rules against real science and corporations like Monsanto should no longer be able to corrupt the rules of science or our democracy.

It's time that the United States adopt new regulations and safety standards on GMO foods that conform to modern science methods. An increasing number of independent scientific papers are pointing to significant potential harm from the genetic engineering of our food and the chemicals that go along with them.

This new peer reviewed research published in Agricultural Sciences shows a disturbing accumulation of formaldehyde in GMO soy and a significant depletion of glutathione, a key antioxidant responsible for proper cellular detoxification and maintaining a healthy immune system for plants, animals and humans.

These results call into question the current U.S. safety assessments of genetically engineered food crops and demand an immediate response from FDA scientists and the White House. 

In addition I ask that you vote against current legislation in Congress, H.R. 1599, that seeks to make it illegal for states to label GMOs, and support an immediate call for mandatory labeling of GMO foods as they are clearly demonstrated by new scientific research to be materially different from traditionally bred crops.

The American public has the right to know if they're eating genetically engineered foods.


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