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End the Corporate Hypocrisy on GMOs!

UPDATE: In the past 24 hours Monsanto has donated $4.5 million and DuPont has pledged $4.2 million to kill GMO labeling in Washington state's Yes on 522 ballot initiative. We need to make sure they don't get away with their lies to Washington voters like they did in California!

It's time to call out Monsanto, Pepsi, Kraft, General Mills, Kellogg's, DuPont and 60 other major companies on their hypocrisy. They already label their products in 64 other countries around the world, why not America?

Last year they spent $46 million to defeat Prop 37, this year, they’re hiding behind the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) to try to do the same in Washington.

Tell Monsanto, Kraft, Pepsi, Coke, General Mills, Kellogg's and DuPont and the members of the Grocery Manufacturers Association that you wont buy their products as long as they donate against GMO labeling!

As one of your customers and a supporter of Food Democracy Now!, I want to know if my food has genetically engineered ingredients.

You've made commitments to give your customers all the information they need about your products. So why are you pouring big bucks into campaigns to fight GMO labeling initiatives?

I have a right to know what I'm eating.


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