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Glyphosate Declared "Probably carcinogenic to humans" - Ban Monsanto's Roundup Now!

On March 20, 2015 , in a groundbreaking announcement, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared that the main chemical ingredient in Monsanto’s best-selling weedkiller Roundup – Glyphosate ­­– was “Probably carcinogenic to humans”. According to WHO, glyphosate is used in more than 750 different weedkillers and is routinely detected in the air, water and our food.

But for the past two decades Monsanto has led a campaign of deception, repeatedly claiming that both Roundup and glyphosate were perfectly safe, going so far as to say that it is “safer than table salt” and so safe, you can “drink it”. Based on these dubious safety claims, an estimated 75 percent of processed foods in America contain ingredients that have been genetically engineered to survive being sprayed with massive doses of Roundup and, if you're not careful, your food is potentially covered with glyphosate residue.

Rather than consider growing scientific evidence of possible harm to humans, in 2013, the Environmental Protection Agency increased allowable limits of glyphosate residue on food crops from 200 ppm to 6,000 ppm, in some cases. Fortunately, in 2015, the EPA is reviewing glyphosate’s toxicity and will take the WHO announcement into consideration.

Incredibly, less than a week after Monsanto's Roundup is declared “Probably carcinogenic to humans”, Congress introduces a bill to Outlaw GMO Labeling and make it voluntary!

It’s time to get Monsanto’s Roundup off your plate, ban glyphosate and label GMOs! We need your help today. Every voice counts!

Your member of Congress, the EPA, FDA and President Obama will receive a copy of your letter. Please join us today!

Dear President Obama, Members of Congress, EPA Administrator McCarthy and Commissioner Hamburg,

The World Health Organization's respected International Agency for Research on Cancer has just reclassified glyphosate, the active chemical ingredient in Monsanto's bestselling herbicide Roundup to be “probably carcinogenic to humans”. As your constituent and a supporter of Food Democracy Now!, I strongly urge you to consider the growing body of scientific evidence that points to glyphosate's harm to the environment, Monarch butterflies and human health and immediately suspend the use of glyphosate and Monsanto's Roundup Ready crops.

For the past 20 years the U.S. government has continued to deny any risk from genetic engineering, despite increasing scientific evidence that this flawed technology is potentially harmful to human health and the environment.

Already, 64 other countries around the world inform their citizens if their food has been genetically engineered in a laboratory with simple labels, and it's time that we share that basic right. America’s children should enjoy the same basic rights that children in Europe, Russia, China and South Africa and not be subject to an ill-conceived science experiment that puts corporate profits over our children’s health.

Thank you for your consideration,

[Your Name]

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