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Victory! First steps: Trader Joe's and Fareway say no to DeCoster's eggs ask Costco and Walmart to do the same!

In response to more than 32,000 Food Democracy Now! members, Trader Joe's and Fareway Stores have stopped selling Jack DeCoster's eggs in their stores. With the FDA's new report detailing the unsanitatry conditions at the DeCoster egg factories, it's more important than ever to to get this "habitual violator's" eggs off your grocery store's shelves for good!

Tell Costco, Albertson's, Ralph's, Safeway, Marc's and Wal-Mart to do the right thing and follow Trader Joe's and Fareway's lead and pull DeCoster's eggs from their shelves. Let these stores know that you and your family deserve only the safest food produced in accordance with our nation's laws and that you won't put your family's health at risk by shopping at a store that does business with Jack DeCoster.  

Fight back. Tell your grocery store to stop buying from any company that does business with these 'bad eggs' and change our rotten food system.

A Salmonella outbreak in eggs has sickened thousands so far and resulted in a recall of more than half a billion eggs. 

Look behind the curtain on the controversy and you'll find habitual violater Jack DeCoster, whose rap sheet of violations of state and federal laws regarding food safety, human rights, labor rights, the environment and animal cruelty is a mile long. 

Fight back.  Tell your grocery store to stop buying any company that does business with Jack Decoster.

Here is the letter that we will send to grocery stores across the country on your behalf. Please add your comments to personalize your message.

Dear [Grocery Retailer]

As a shopper at your retail grocery store, I have come to trust that the food that I purchase there for me and/or my family is safe and will not make us sick. However, I have recently discovered that the eggs that your store purchases come from one or more companies, Wright County Egg and Hillandale Farms, that have been selling eggs that are tainted with salmonella. So far, there has been an astonishing half billion eggs recalled, with more than 1,300 people sickened. I find this to be an outrage and if you want to keep my business, I demand that you stop purchasing from these companies.

The owner and supplier of these facilities is Jack DeCoster, who over the years, at his facilities, has racked up countless violations of state and federal laws, including labor, human rights, environmental and animal cruelty. I refuse to consume any eggs from his facility or others closely associated with it and ask that you immediately purchase your eggs from a company that is safe and respects the laws of our country.

Today the FDA issued a report that proves that DeCoster's continual inability to follow the most basic rules of food safety has endangered American's lives with unsafe and unsanitary conditions that violate federal laws. It's time to take this unsafe food provider off your shelves.

While the cost can be higher, research has found that eggs sourced from organic, free range farms where the chickens have been humanely treated have less incidence of salmonella and other diseases, and these eggs are often better nutritionally as well. I will support you in offering food such as this that is safe and healthy, for people and the environment.

Thank you for your consideration.


[Your name]

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