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Tell the FDA and USDA that sugar cereals are not Smart Choices

Recently, an alliance of over a dozen giant food conglomerates and some industry “experts” unveiled the Smart Choices® Program, which puts a shiny green "smart choice" check mark on foods like Froot Loops® and Lucky Charms®.  In an age when childhood obesity has become an epidemic, calling sugar cereals "smart choices" is unacceptable.

Please join us in telling the FDA and USDA to investigate the Smart Choices® Program, and put an end to deceptive labeling.

Here is the letter that we will deliver on your behalf to Secretary Sebelius and Secretary Vilsack asking them to initiate an investigation into the Smart Choices Program.

Dear Secretary Sebelius & Secretary Vilsack,

We urge you to investigate a new front of package (FOP) labeling initiative known as the Smart Choices® Program for potential deceptive and misleading claims to American consumers. At a time when our nation’s children are suffering from an epidemic of obesity and type II diabetes, leading food manufacturers should be trying to encourage eating healthier meals and not peddle overly processed foods high in sugar, fat or salt.

Unfortunately, the new program, led by many of our nation’s largest food corporations, has created a set of standards so loose that products like Froot Loops®, Keebler Cookie Crunch® and Lucky Charms® are eligible for the Smart Choices® label.

It’s outrageous that American companies would try to push food products loaded with as much as 44% sugar on parents who are desperately trying to feed their children healthy meals. Please stand up for our nation’s children and only allow healthy, nutritious foods to achieve this type of voluntary labeling. If this administration is serious about children's health and nutrition they will enforce strict guidelines related to food products geared towards children and will not allow corporations to engage in deceptive or misleading labeling practices.


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